I was reflecting on the many things I have done in my life and wondered how many of them truly made me happy. It dawned on me that it is not the things I do that make me happy, but rather the “why I do them-” the choice is ultimately mine. I believe happiness already exists within each of us, we just have to choose to unlock it.

I wrote these thoughts in 2007, but I think they are still relevant today:

Every turning point in life represents a major obstacle that we have overcome- at that corner of our journey; the path forward is only determined by the lessons learnt.

The path is only widened when we accept our mistakes instead of casting blame on others. No one can truly force us to do anything we don’t want to do or want to do- the choice is ultimately ours.

The path is only narrowed by our insecurities to let go of the past and a lack of independence to stand on our own in the future.

Journeys end when we decide to stop- to rest, to change the tires, for recreation, or reach the place where we consider home.

Even then, our life’s journey shouldn’t end there. When we die, the stops we made on our journey should leave an indelible land mark so that others stop to take us on their journeys in their memories.

Live life to our unimaginable limits and never compromise who we are- else that journey will only be someone else’s!

Did you embark on your own journey today?


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