Beautiful Transitions

Ever wondered why things don’t necessarily work out the way you planned?
Well, I do too.

Some call it fate, God’s intervention, or bad luck. I think it’s a little bit of the first two presenting a new opportunity. It may not be the opportunity you want but it still is- if you use it, that is.

My life isn’t perfect, it didn’t turn out the precise way I planned it- some plans were realized and others didn’t. But, at the end of each day I wouldn’t have wanted any other life but mine.
I used to be a “strategy by design” type of person- plan my every move, leaving little room for spontaneity and be devastated when my dreams do not come true.

Life would be boring if it were only good or bad all the time, wouldn’t it? I think the good times are to give us hope during the bad times- memories to keep us afloat, and the bad times are to teach us appreciation for the good times- talk about balance!

I’ve learnt a huge lesson that sometimes the things I want most may not be the best things for me at the time when I want them. Sometimes those things work out later in life and they were exactly what I needed then- talk about perfect timing!

Other times, I look back and say, “hmmm maybe it’s a good thing that didn’t happen” or “hmmm, maybe I should try again because I really want to achieve that in the future and it means so much more to me now.”

Allowing life to bloom its natural flower is sometimes even more beautiful than planning it yourself. That’s why I am very fond of the butterfly and sometimes compare my own life with its life cycle. Each stage takes time, and a not so pretty caterpillar emerges, but the end result is always a beautiful butterfly that soars. Yes, that explains my profile picture! I spotted it during a Google image search for butterflies and fell inlove.

So, now I have adapted to being an “emergent strategy” type of person- if my designed plan doesn’t work, I allow it to phase into a beautiful transition- eventually.


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