A Mother’s Portrait

My mom is still alive- thank God!

I am not the perfect daughter, but I try to show and tell her how much she means to me every opportunity I get. I lost my dad when I was 13, which forced our relationship closer, as there was a wedge created by the “daddy’s little girl syndrome.” Little did I know I was secretly mommy’s little girl. My mother has the emotional strength equivalent to the cumulative physical strength of Hercules, Superman, Batman, and Thor (all are my favourite super heroes by the way). As I grew up, and as I learn more about myself, I saw so much of my mother in me- the good, and the little things that annoy me too- isn’t that ironic?

Losing one parent during adolescence made me realize that life isn’t always a fairytale. The lessons I learnt then were that I should never take life for granted, not even my own, and that I should never hide how I truly feel about someone because I do not know if I will have another opportunity to show or tell them.

I wrote this poem in 2005, after briefly reflecting on my mother:

silver trimmings

adorn your hair

intriguing stories

latched to your pony tail

fine lines

trace your

eyes and mouth

telling only pieces of your secret

glossy brown eyes

finely polished

by years of visual art

dark ovals

shadow your eyelids

attest your lost battles


barely curved

allude to your strength

your cheeks


with achievements

mahogany lips bring

life to your words

the arch of your chin

points to somewhere

your journey may take you

I only hope I will be there by your side

Have you told your mother everything you wanted to… like, I love you? Have you inadvertently realized you’ve become just like her?

Let me know your thoughts!


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