Prince Charming….. hmmm…. fairytale or real life?

Well, I think that is debatable. I have learnt that sometimes you get the modern day fairytale version, with the chivalry and all, and other times, you just simply get him as unromantic as they come, but he still manages to charm your heart- one way or another! Love is not biased.

I wrote this poem sometime ago, here’s the edited version:

I don’t think I’ve ever been in love

I’ve been in love with the idea of love…. for quite some time, but never really quite understood it

Until I met you

I’m not head over heels

I’m not weak in the knees

I don’t have butterflies all the time when you come around

I’m not breathless every time you hold me

I don’t see fireworks

I don’t get any special perks

You’re not a prince charming

And you certainly don’t sweep me off my feet, darling

I’m simply comfortable with a man who knows what he wants

Knowing he’s not afraid of pursuing those dreams, even if they don’t include me

I’m not afraid of losing you

‘Cause I will always have you in my heart

I’m not afraid of walking away or even being apart

I never knew how simple love really is

Until I met you

That I don’t have to be swept off my feet

Experience fireworks

Or be bowled over by a wave of emotions

I just have to understand, accept, and appreciate you

For who you truly are, and not for some fairytale prince I’d hope you’d be


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