The Phantom of Life

Have you ever hidden behind a mask?

Not literally, but allowing your true self to become concealed by fear.

Long ago, I used to be afraid of coming out of my “safe box”- you know the one that you’re comfortable in and are exceptionally good at folding and re-folding all six sides in many different ways. However, no matter how many different ways I did it, the fact was that I still created the same box, figuratively of course, and that box prevented me from exploring various aspects of my personality and talents for fear of the unknown that was outside of the box.

Whenever you become extremely comfortable with something, it’s time to change the dynamics! That’s a concept I have more profoundly appreciated after studying Advanced Topics in Stratgey. That is, understanding the concept that equilibrium is a sign that the  collapse of a current situation is imminent. Therefore, it is recommended to stimulate that condition or circumstance periodically to avoid constant equilibria.

Similarly, fear can create an equilibrium of safety, which can then transform into a mask that progressively conceals your true potential.

The Phantom of the Opera is my all- time favourite broadway performance. Pardon me for saying this, but if performances could make me orgasm- that one would certainly do the trick!

You know how the Phantom secretly trains and propels his protégé, Christine, to become a superb vocal talent and yet portrays a very evil and manipulative character to the owners and crew of the Opera House. Well, comparatively, I like to call fear, The Phantom of Life- it can push you to do and achieve great things or it can control and hurt you.

I was much younger during my “safe box” years but experience has taught me to let fear hide behind me, rather than hiding behind it. I found that you never completely get rid of fear- it will always be there, but you have to find a way to put more of it behind you and more of yourself before it. If not, an equilibrium of fear will eventually kill any potential.

Now, each time I really want to do something- express myself, explore a career option, or just completely be myself around people, I just sing as loud as I can for the Phantom!


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