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The Times

I wrote this prose sometime between 2001 and 2005, I remember I was inspired by a chain email I received regarding a similar topic.

I think sometimes we need to reflect on the life we want to have and think about the reality of achieving it. I have learnt that sometimes we just have to be satisfied with the good things we already have, know which goals to fight for and pursue, and which ones to let go.

Here it is:

These are times when

moral values are branded old fashioned

friends are becoming extinct

the human soul is being replaced by assets and financial inclination

we have fancy and large houses but crooked and small hearts

morality is seen as an obliteration of liberation.


these are times of

many marriages but few “till death do us part”

successful businesses but broken homes

when we are assiduous to our children’s every physical and material need

but are too blind to see the emotional and spiritual ones

then we say they are spoilt, shallow, and heartless

when we expensively garnish the body but don’t tend to the soul- for which the adornments are free.


these are times when we technologically produce pornography, horror, and crime

yet we anger at societal declination and the lacking charisma of our children

sex has become a culinary dish

rarely another meaning but pleasure- no finding the soul, no sharing the heart

these are times when there is less God, the Supreme Being

but gods, goddesses, and levity

when we seize the moment and live the consequences a lifetime

when we seek liberty without limits

when we say sky’s the limit but do not endeavour to go beyond it- may be our true selves are just behind it.


these are times when we monitor and mend our budget

but are too busy to see our own lives falling apart

a time when we are quick to assert flaws but are oblivious to merits

when we are impatient and crude

playing gods instead of co-creators

cursing instead of blessing

Building, building an advanced future

But Breaking, breaking the foundation of our past


Champions of Charity

Team Rickshaw

It truly melts my heart when I see people who are disadvantaged or disabled in one way or another fight for something they believe in.

One event in particular, which really caught my undivided attention, was the BBC One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge in support of the Children in Need Charity. Six young people who are also being supported by the charity’s projects, along with one of The One Show’s host, took on a 411 mile journey challenge by alternately riding the rickshaw from Llandudno, Wales to London, England in 8 days. The journey concluded on Friday (Nov. 16) with the team raising just over £1m. For those who are not aware of this charity fundraiser, you can visit to find out more.

I was immensely inspired by Ciaran, who has cerebral palsy. This brilliant 17 year-old kept going despite being fatigued by the task and while battling his own physical challenges. This young man rode the rickshaw with relentless zeal, in a bid to raise money, not only to aid his cause, but so that other young children and teens can benefit from charity projects. That spoke volumes to me and it makes me ask myself: what am I doing or can I do more to help others who are disadvantaged or less able to do things in the way I can?

One woman appeared on the show and raised funds just to have her lovely head of hair shaved. Her hair was also donated to children who may have lost hair due to cancer or other illnesses. Others are undertaking similar individual or group initiatives to raise money for the charity.

I am always of the belief that I can make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small or insignificant it seems. I have learnt that the good you do in life doesn’t have a size label! I have been involved in charity work for some time and realized that it is the passion you have for giving back that serves as both the driving force and the reward- as long as it comes from the heart it will never matter what or how much you do or give.  You can make a huge difference with small gestures and it doesn’t have to be made public either! Sometimes we forget to do the little things and instead aim for the big charities, while those closest to us are in need.

What has been reinforced in my mind by these six young people is that sometimes we take for granted the many things, talents, abilities, and, at times, the people we “advantaged or abled population” have around us. These six are starting from “home” by doing something as small as giving moral support to as large as riding the rickshaw for miles.

What are you doing for your family, community, country, and world?

I sure will try to do more, especially at “home.” That morsel can make a difference in someone’s life, even if you don’t think so.

So cheers to the Champions of Charity who keep fighting for the cause of charities, especially those themselves who are disadvantaged or disabled!

The Moment

I wrote this poem in 2005 and I will let the words speak for me this week. Let me know your thoughts, here goes:


Nine years now, story’s old

Still I remember like yesterday, how it was told

I now realize you’re no ordinary woman

‘Cause I imagined it was a moment, superhuman


He called for you,as if he knew

He asked for tea, it was your cue

You watched him sip the brew

then, you knew


Eyes met, as if for the first time

An unspoken “I love you” diffused through his gaze

You held his hand, though felt like winter days

Unheard bells begin to chime

as his smile grew fade

and his eyes, like sunset

glimmer amazing colours under the shade

of blinking eyelids, going down yet


He didn’t want you to witness the last hurrah together

So, laying on what may have felt to him like a floating feather

he sent you back for more

This time, the moment, encore

A gasp of fate

just as you came back, too late

I imagined he clung to the image of you as long as he could

then slowly sketched you in his mind, as he should,

the children in glee

then the baby, me


I believe that was the last picture he framed

when he seized the moment, famed

The moment that seized, sad,


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