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Music of a Nostalgic Heart

I have learnt that sometimes, we just can’t help longing for something that was. Just let the memories and emotions run their course- don’t fight it- ’cause if it was worth forgetting, we would have!

Here’s another poem:

Nostalgia, captivated her heart tonight

Something once buried, came alive

Like MJ’s “Thriller”, though has its fright

still charms your surrender to the thrill of the dead, yet survive

Knowing she’ll never have those moments again

Her smile slowly turned upside down

Her eyes played melancholic melodies as they rain

like Yiruma’s piano classic “When the Love Falls”, though not enough to drown

her heart peels

as the lyrics of letting go heals

with the scratching of the broken record

her smile now turned right side up

for they were good times, a perfect chord

Dappy’s “No Regrets” on repeat,  like trying to fill a bottomless cup

but as with every song, it has to end

so let it rend

a new tune will soon play from start

’cause that was only the music of a nostalgic heart


The 12th Year of the Second Millennium

It’s amazing how much you can learn in just one year- sometimes more than you’ve learnt over a half decade- for me, that was the case in 2012.

I consider reflection a good thing. It is that time when I can think about and re- assess my strengths and weaknesses, the good and bad things and make better future decisions, as well as, necessary adjustments.

During my reflection, I also went through Facebook’s year in review of my major profile moments and came across my New Year’s post last year. It read:

“2011 was challenging but fruitful, it was definitive, inspirational, and cathartic- many lessons learnt. It was full of God’s blessings- and trust me they overflowed. God taught me patience and faith in a new dimension. My family supported my dreams unequivocally and has helped me to truly understand the real meaning of family ties. My true friends stood by me- told me when I was wrong and encouraged me when I did good. Those good things are what I am taking with me into 2012. The bad was only there to “show up” the good! Here’s to more blessings, love, and friendship- I love you all!!! Remember to live today and say it today like there’s no tomorrow- ’cause we’re not promised it!”

I realized that all of this still remains true this year. The only difference is that I learnt more than I did in 2011- and that, I believe, is what life is about- continuous learning! Learning about everything that affects us and our environment and adapting to the dynamics.

So, instead of listing my resolutions, I’ve decided to share with you my top 10 lessons (in random order) either reiterated or learnt in 2012:

1) Practice more of what I preach.  Cliché, but sometimes it’s harder to follow your own advice than offering it

2) Only have expectations of myself. I’m a better judge of myself than others, and therefore may be less disappointed with end results

3) Patience requires understanding, trusting God to direct our paths, and letting go of a time frame of what is to be

4) Our emotional strengths can take us through any circumstances as long as we have hope

5) Stay positive regardless of any negative outcome. There’s always an upside- look for it

6) Love openly and unconditionally, as much as is possible, those who reciprocate it

7) Do and always do what I love and want to do

8) Be comfortable in my own skin- it makes life much easier

9) I’m responsible for making “me” happy, not anyone else

10) Make better decisions by readjusting

Did you reflect on the 12th year of the second millennium and what were your lessons?

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