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When was the last time you stopped to stare at the sky? Well, at night that is.

I haven’t in a very long time, and last night I did.

I realized that sometimes we get so busy and caught up with what’s happening in our lives that we forget to pay attention to the little things nature has to offer.

I slowed down for just that moment amidst my fast-paced life, and took a deep breath- I felt alive in a numbing world.

Those are the little things that make us stop, smile, and be grateful for that very moment we acknowledge that we are a part of a very beautiful universe- even if we never get to unfold its mysteries.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic treat, just find your place in the universe.



My True Love

Thank You Love

Love kept me sane in the midst of chaos

Love comforted me when I felt alone, confused, and lost

Love helped me realize my dreams by asking “do you believe in WordsofNelle?”

Love pushed me to keep writing as a means of self- expression

Love is crude

Love has no rules

Love is boundless

Love is passion

Love is immortal; it only lays dormant- if you let it

Love is letting go without knowing it will return

Just like my love for writing, no matter how many days that pass- I cannot stop the pen that’s in my heart

To writing, love

Life’s Gentle Reminders

So, I’m back from my hiatus.

I’m sorry for have not writing a single post for the last two and half months. It was a very hectic, yet meaningful time for me, like what I wrote about in beautiful transitions- this was a period of beautiful transitions and I had to embrace it.

In February I almost lost my sister to a car crash- minor head injury, broken collar bone, broken femur, fractured hip and collapsed lung. Only God alone saved her and pulled her through those testing weeks in hospital. She’s alright now, only a few more months to go, and with the help of physiotherapy, she should be able to walk again.

I had also just moved back home in December, after a year in the UK, flooded with the readjusting, reconnecting, taking turns at hospital, babysitting my nephew, job hunting, among other things. I now have two part- time jobs and have started my own marketing communications firm with two of my very good colleagues. It has been chaotic, and I’m still finding my way. But my transition became beautiful when I started embracing all the changes and allowing them to fall into place without interfering.

Once again, I couldn’t have survived this period without God, family, friends, and colleagues.

Through my transitioning period, I was reminded that I need to be patient, kind, strong, loving, thankful, humble, persistent, passionate, and have faith- that no matter what happens in life, I will be able to get through it. Also, that life is a learning process and not every lesson is seamless, and that everything has its purpose, even if I don’t understand it- just one of life’s gentle reminders.

To be, Nelle

“To be or not to be, that is the question.”- William Shakespeare

To be, should be our choice- not just to live, but to live meaningfully and confidently, despite the odds- like we were meant to be here!

No one can find your purpose for you, but you. I have learnt that we have many different purposes in life, but there is always one that is primary.

Self confidence can sometimes make or break us, just like the “Phantom of Life-” Fear.  Believing in who we are and what we do may make that minute difference in finding our purpose. I believe self- actualization lasts as long as we live. We may peak at a point in our  careers, hobbies, or social lives, but never in life itself, in my opinion.

I am constantly searching for the “best of me.” I like to refer to myself as a butterfly- one that is constantly transforming into someone better. I compare my life with that of the butterfly’s lifecycle. It starts with an egg- caterpillar- pupa- adult butterfly and starts again after the new butterfly lays an egg. Similarly, my life has different phases where I mature, but at that point I begin a whole new phase/ journey. That new phase is usually progressive. I also realized that I find my purpose during or after that maturation, and that purpose is either a continuum of my main reason for being or simply just for that phase. However, most of it didn’t happen by mere coincidence- I had to have faith- believing in a dream that will aid the cyclical evolution of ME. So, I chose to be, rather than not to be- I chose to be, Nelle.

Despite life’s challenges, find your purpose or keep pursuing it, believe in it/ believe you have one, and choose to be, simply you!


Music of a Nostalgic Heart

I have learnt that sometimes, we just can’t help longing for something that was. Just let the memories and emotions run their course- don’t fight it- ’cause if it was worth forgetting, we would have!

Here’s another poem:

Nostalgia, captivated her heart tonight

Something once buried, came alive

Like MJ’s “Thriller”, though has its fright

still charms your surrender to the thrill of the dead, yet survive

Knowing she’ll never have those moments again

Her smile slowly turned upside down

Her eyes played melancholic melodies as they rain

like Yiruma’s piano classic “When the Love Falls”, though not enough to drown

her heart peels

as the lyrics of letting go heals

with the scratching of the broken record

her smile now turned right side up

for they were good times, a perfect chord

Dappy’s “No Regrets” on repeat,  like trying to fill a bottomless cup

but as with every song, it has to end

so let it rend

a new tune will soon play from start

’cause that was only the music of a nostalgic heart

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