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My True Love

Thank You Love

Love kept me sane in the midst of chaos

Love comforted me when I felt alone, confused, and lost

Love helped me realize my dreams by asking “do you believe in WordsofNelle?”

Love pushed me to keep writing as a means of self- expression

Love is crude

Love has no rules

Love is boundless

Love is passion

Love is immortal; it only lays dormant- if you let it

Love is letting go without knowing it will return

Just like my love for writing, no matter how many days that pass- I cannot stop the pen that’s in my heart

To writing, love


Coming out of the Closet

Yes! I am coming out of the closet…… nope…. not that one… the writers’ closet.

I enjoy writing and have been doing so for years, but I’ve always been a little shy to share my personal thoughts with the world. Now, I have changed that.

I am a journalist-cum-business communicator, philanthropist, hopeless romantic, and a self-acclaimed poet/ prose writer. I used to write short stories in high school- if my mother ever knew how many folder leaves I used for non-academic purposes!  I have also secretly inspired my family and friends with my words of prose.

I have been through the highs and the extreme lows that life threw my way, and I have learnt so many profound lessons with many more to come. You may have too.

I believe writing is my gift and I want to share it with you- I truly want to inspire you. So, join me on my unselfish journey of self-actualization with a purpose to touch the lives of those who so desire. With each post, I will share my thoughts, prose or poems. Here’s me letting my guard down to let you in- I am trusting you and hope to earn your trust.

Share or like my blog. I also welcome your comments, as I too may be inspired by you or learn from you!

Here’s to a timeless WordsofNelle.

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